Essex lokale radiostationer

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On Sunday 7th September Tom Lodge appeared on university of essex viden gateway his sons show (Radio Caroline) to read extracts, not from his book this time, but from a long email he received from long time fan Alan Milewczyk.
The "Unofficial" Radio Report, sorry its been a long time, but I have been very busy over the last couple of months planning and taking a family holiday in Poland and when I got back I had to go to Milan on business.During the UK August Bank holiday Radio Caroline were again live from the Ross Revenge.Dat is best wel een mooie prestatie.Here is one of the best news stories currently on the internet: p, in the aforementioned article you will read that he once said that he wanted Nissiti, the Hebrew word for I tried written on his headstone.He did the midday show for Nigel Harris, who had covered for Johnny on the local Kent radio station kmfm whilst his was honeymooning, so I suppose it was only fair.Radio2 is na 538 online het best beluisterde station van Nederland.It is being run by the same guys as the previous satellite version, but this time Mark Stafford does not have the time to be the music controller, but is supplying his Stafford World show.I am annoyed that I missed the programme and I hope they repeat it and I am aware before they.Peter Antony and Jerry Wright seem to be sharing this slot for the time being.

Leestijd: 2 minuten, de legendarische Radio Caroline is vandaag onverwacht gestart met testuitzendingen via 648 kHz en dat is leuk nieuws voor de (overlevende) fans van AM en offshore.Opnieuw uitzenden vanaf het schip zelf werd overigens nooit overwogen, in de eerste plaats om redenen van geld en veiligheid, maar ook omdat de huidige ankerplaats zich te ver buiten het (theoretisch) toegewezen zendgebied bevindt.Thankfully ex-Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley and his Party Classics shows, formally hosted by Suggs, have been axed.De zendersite werd in 1997 geprivatiseerd en is sinds 2015 eigendom van Cobra Mist Ltd.Andy is famous for his 3 hour interview of John Lennon, recorded 2 days before he was murdered by Mark Chapman.For the full schedule click on the following link m, eKR is back as an internet only station.Les om og lytt til, norges digitale radiokanaler.Bolliers Zurich based company was alleged to have supplied the type of timer used for the bombing, to the Libyan Secret Service.I hate to admit it, but I correctly identified the voice on his mystery voice competition, which was Will Young!Ian, an original Radio London DJ in the 60s, worked on Big L for 3 years.Come on Jerry, its great to hear you on Radio Caroline, but when you are, please behave accordingly.
Sadly Ian Damon did his last show on Sunday 14th September, because he did not receive his remuneration despite repeated promises.
Album DER woche, screening room.

I think it was a different one every night, including his fellow pirate mate Dave Cash.
JPs responded by expressing the opinion that Caroline was becoming an ILR station, but after some debate he retracted this and I think everyone has now kissed and made up!